Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't breathe in the kitchen!

Last Saturday, I went on the Newburyport kitchen tour. Less than 10 miles of driving, including backtracking (about $2 in gas), and 14 kitchens later, I'm still liking mine! (It'll be even better when it's finished, whenever that happens. Lucky I like it the way it is.)

Most of the kitchens on the tour had granite counter tops. I've never liked granite, and chose not to use it. Guess I got lucky. Boy, how often does that happen?

Take a look at this piece from last Thursday's NYTimes.

BTW, more on what I did use deserves its own post, but the story can't be written until the kitchen's done. Don't hold your breath!

h/t to Melissa for telling me about it and Robin for reminding me!

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