Wednesday, July 30, 2008

TAKE ACTION! Election day registration in MA

UPDATE: Check out this post at BlueMassGroup.

This was in my in box this morning. I called my state rep, Harriet Stanley's office. (Had to leave a message on her office voice mail. I left a message asking for her vote and asked for a call back.)

If you live in MA, please take action today! Thanks!

URGENT: Election Day Registration will pass or fail by Thursday. Please call right now!

We've never been this close.

Yesterday, the Massachusetts Senate passed the state's most important voting bill since 18 year-olds were given the right to vote — a bill for Election Day Registration.

Hundreds of you called your senators, and we heard directly from their staff members that those calls made a difference. Now, we must do the same in the House.

Unfortunately, we are fighting against time. We have enough votes to pass Election Day Registration. But the 2008 House session ends on Thursday. To pass this historic bill, a critical mass of representatives needs to bring Election Day Registration to the top of the agenda.

If you want to help pass this historic bill, call the Massachusetts State House at (617) 722-2000 and ask to speak to your representative. Ask him or her to bring Election Day Registration to the floor for a vote.

If you don't know your representative's name, simply tell the operator where you live and you will be connected to the correct office.

The nine states with Election Day Registration have turnout rates that are 10 to 12 points higher than states without. Election Day Registration is of particular benefit to young voters, first time voters, voters of color, and new citizens. The bill passed the Senate 33 to 5.

Election Day Registration in Massachusetts could bring over 200,000 new voters to the polls. The enthusiasm surrounding the 2008 elections is tremendous. Election Day Registration would ensure no eligible citizen need be turned away from voting.

Please call (617) 722-2000 now and urge your representative to support Election Day Registration.

Thank You for working to build a better world.

Leah Donahey, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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