Friday, August 1, 2008

Kerry v. Lieberman on this Sunday's Meet the Press

This Sunday on Meet the Press (10:30 a.m. ET), Tom Brokaw will moderate as John Kerry, for Obama, goes head to head with Joe Lieberman, for McCain. (How odd to feel compelled to remind readers who is advocating for whom.)

If you're as angry with Lieberman as most Dems, and if you have a propensity for throwing things, you might want to watch it on an old TV.

We in Newbury/Newburyport had hoped that Senator Kerry might find time to march in the Yankee Homecoming parade this Sunday. I guess this news establishes his alibi! ;-)

UPDATE: For a preview of what we might expect from Kerry on Sunday, take a look at his appearance on Friday evening's Race for the White House, in a segment called "Face Off," in which he blew Arizona Senator John Kyl out of the water.

Speaking of Sunday, after you kill your TV, you'll have just enough time to get to Newburyport to support Congressman John Tierney by marching with him in the Yankee Homecoming parade! (Details to the right.)

1 comment:

elizde said...

thanks for the headsup, i won't be at the march tomorrow. Eliz

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