Friday, August 8, 2008

A New Tag

For about six months, I have been using tags instead of bookmarks; instead of drilling down through files and folders, I just assign key words to what I want to save. It's really changed the way I organize everything. Actually, "organize" is the wrong word. That was the problem with the old way--it depended on me filing things where I could find them again. (Not!) Now, I can search for it by whatever obvious words come to mind when I save it. And I can save something in as many different catagories as there are words to describe it. I could tag what I've written so far in this piece with: files; folders; bookmarking; organize; tags; reference....whatever. And whichever word comes to mind when I search for it, will point me in the right direction.

I have about 500 tags in my cache, and it isn't all that uncommon that I tag something with a word I haven't used previously. But I gotta tell ya, when I went to tag this piece, I was blown away that I'd never used the word before.

So, now I've added two new tags: liberal and The"L"word. I'll try to put them to good use. In this piece posted on Politico though, the word has a bit of a right wing edge to it.

Liberals to warn potential GOP third-party organizers

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