Sunday, March 29, 2009

Congressman John Tierney held a community meeting at City Hall in Newburyport on Saturday during which he answered questions posed by audience members about subjects ranging from the occupation of Iraq and the commitment of more troops in Afghanistan, to help for Eastern Massachusetts farmers, to the restoration of the beach on PI by dredging the Merrimac with help from the Army Corp of Engineers.

There was a group organized by Newburyport Republicans (and some of their kids) who demonstrated in the park across the street before the event.

Charlie Tontar has written a piece about event on the Newburyport Dems Blog. And, there are more of my pictures HERE.

By the way, there was someone who accused the Congressman of taking campaign contributions from the financial industry. Congressman Tierney is one of the cleanest members of congress. Here's a link to see where the money comes from. Whenever you're curious about who's contributed to any campaign--be it the president's, or any member of the senate or the house--just go to Open Secrets.


ct said...

Take a close look at the kid holding the "I read as much of the Stimulus bill as my congressman did" sign. Notice anything about his sweatshirt?

His parents are bringing him up to be a republican and a GIANTS fan - in New England.

Does anyone have a number for DSS?

Nancy said...

Great catch, Charlie! And very funny!

Maybe he actually IS from NY. Do you really think that many locals came out last week? Maybe it's a roving band of Republican protesters.

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