Saturday, July 4, 2009

This Land Belongs to You and Me

This song really does merit being our national anthem!
(Please send me links to other versions you find and I'll post them!)

Celebrate this 4th of July by spending time appreciating the beauty of where you live. I'm taking a 7 mile walk down the byways and marshes of Newbury!


rrpc said...

While this blog is clearly progressive and largely dedicated to the Democratic viewpoint, it's interesting that Arlo Guthrie, a lifelong Republican, is featured in this segment. Very cool...

Nancy said...

I did read in the NYTimes a few weeks ago that Arlo had declared himself a Republican. Then I read his blog, in which he states his ideas about what "should be the republican position(s)."

He sounds like a libertarian to me. And he endorsed Ron Paul in last year's election.

Anyway, the song is all about our country belonging to everyone, so why wouldn't I include all-American Arlo?!

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