Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Urgent upcoming vote in MA legislature!

As early as tomorrow, the MA legislature will vote on allowing the governor to appoint an interim senator to serve MA constituents for the next 4 1/2 months.

Not only will that person represent us by casting critical votes regarding health care (think 60!) and economic legislation, but that appointment will ensure us continuous vital constituent services, now provided by Senator Kennedy's staff. Without an interim senator, hundreds of MA families currently being served by his dedicated staff will be without help, and the continuing work of Kennedy's office will be curtailed as the staff packs up and leaves.

When the current legislation was passed, the republicans in the legislature tried to pass an amendment " allow the Governor to fill a Senate or Representative vacancy in Congress until a special election is held," with a "Yea" vote "ensuring MA representation in Congress in the event of a vacancy." Republicans and a few Democrats voted "Yea." Now they've changed their minds.

Both sides have played politics. Now they can all set it right. Massachusetts residents need the continuity of representation. WE NEED TWO U.S. senators.

Please find your legislators' telephone numbers here, call them TODAY and ask them to vote to send an interim senator to Washington!

I've called Rep. Harriett Stanley's office and was told she would be voting NO. She voted with the Republicans on the original legislation, as well. To those in her district: Let's change her mind! Call her NOW! Bruce Tarr is also voting NO. Barbara L'Italien is on the fence, but Phil in her office said she is leaning toward voting YES. Please call her office and encourage her to do so!

I've posted this on my facebook page and sent it out as an email blast. Thanks to Ed Cameron for offering to send it on to the members of the Newburyport Democratic City Committee. Please feel free to forward this link to Massachusetts residents who want to make a difference by calling their legislators. Let's win this one!

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