Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm voting for Mike Capuano!

A letter to friends and readers:

I'm writing to you on the eve of the Massachusetts primary to voice my support for Congressman Mike Capuano.

As many of you know, I am a constituent, supporter and great admirer of Congressman John Tierney. After Senator Kennedy passed away, Congressman Tierney considered running for his seat. Along with many fellow North Shore democrats, I was very excited at the prospect of working on his campaign and was extremely disappointed when he decided not to run.

My first instinct was to support Martha Coakley. I've met her several times and like her, think she's very smart (and street-smart) and savvy, and consider her an outstanding Attorney General for our state. I decided to wait, observe and see who else might enter the race.

Mike Capuano declared his candidacy and John Tierney endorsed him, saying,

"Mike joined me in opposing the Iraq War and the excesses in the originally proposed PATRIOT Act," said Congressman Tierney. "I am supporting Mike in his campaign for Senate because I know how hard he works to stand up for middle-class families, to achieve affordable, universal health care, and to create jobs here in Massachusetts. There is no other candidate in this race who can match his work ethic, his years of legislative experience, and his steadfast commitment to his principles and progressive beliefs. We need Mike to continue his fight for progress in the United States Senate."

Considering their nearly identical voting records, my strong support of Tierney and his unequivocal endorsement of his colleague, I began to pay attention to the Capuano campaign.

The more I saw, the more I liked. Capuano is a true progressive whose votes are aligned with my beliefs--from voting against the Iraq War and the Patriot Act to his support of the repeal of DOMA (defense of marriage act) and his co-founding the Congressional Caucus on Sudan, he proves himself a passionate, committed progressive.

He has held seventy "open mike" forums throughout the Commonwealth, always engaging in conversation, answering any questions, asking questions. He holds "open mike" town hall conference calls when he's in Washington in order to keep in touch with his constituents--something he said he will continue to do as U.S. Senator when he was asked about it tonight in an "open mike" conference call.

Please feel free to call me tonight (you all know I'm up late!) or any time tomorrow on my cell (I'll be at the polls by 7am) and I'll be happy to talk to you about my decision. If you are a supporter and want to help with GOTV (Get Out The Vote) calls on Tuesday, call me!

I hope you will consider casting your vote for Mike Capuano to become the next Senator from Massachusetts!

And, no matter whom you are supporting in this race, VOTE, damn it!


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