Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lt. Gov. Tim Murray at Salt Marsh Antiques in Rowley

The Rowley DTC and Salt Marsh Antiques hosted a fund-raiser for LG Tim Murray Thursday night and it was a great success! Rowley, Newbury and West Newbury town committees sponsored the event and invited Dems from all over the North Shore to gather in support of LG Murray.

Special thanks to Bobby Cianfrocca, Caryn Carangelo, Kathy Pasquina, Matt Patton, Robin Bergman for all the hours (OK, days) devoted to making this a very special evening!

Joining us were Congressman John Tierney and State Rep. Mike Costello.
Lt. Gov. Tim Murray

Elizabeth Kilcoyne, Dick Purinton, State Rep. Mike Costello

 Rep. Mike Costello, Dick Purinton, 
Congressman John Tierney, LG Tim Murray

 Bobby Cianfrocca and Tim Murray

Look HERE 
for the rest of the photos

Oh, by the way, Robin and I did the food!

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