Monday, July 28, 2008

Is it early today or late yesterday?

From Politico via Common Dreams:
“Today’s report describes ‘systematic’ violations of federal law by several former leaders of the Department of Justice,” Conyers said in a statement released by his office. “Apparently, the political screening was so pervasive that even qualified Republican applicants were rejected from Department positions because they were ‘not Republican enough’ for Monica Goodling and others. ...... The Report also indicates that Monica Goodling, Kyle Sampson, and Alberto Gonzales may have lied to the Congress about these matters. I have directed my staff to closely review this matter and to consider whether a criminal referral for perjury is needed.”

Every week I download the podcast, The Campaign Trail, from the New Yorker, and either listen to it online or on my ipod. In this week's podcast, David Remnick, Hendrik Hertzberg, Ryan Lizza, and George Packer discuss Obama’s visit to Germany and the future of the war in Iraq.

From The Independent:
With $33m (£16.5m) in venture capital funds, Anne Patterson and two other Google alumni – Russell Power and Louis Monier – yesterday took the wraps off [a new search engine,] ... If it's out there, Cuil will find it for you. ... Cuil (pronounced "cool") will be easier and nicer to use and will have a longer reach.
Then check it out yourself!

(Not to be confused with my friend, Sheila's website, kkooll !)


ABC reports Homeland Security is instituting a POHA (period of heightened alert) from now until July, 2009.

The reasons: There are no specifics indicating an attack on the U.S. is imminent, and U.S. officials do not want to be accused of trying to inject themselves into the presidential campaign.

"That's a balancing act," said Jerry Hauer, former Homeland Security official and ABC News consultant. "They really have to focus on these events and this critical time we're going through as a nation, but they have to be very careful about the public message to not make it look political or like they're fearmongering."


In pointing to the piece, Talking Points Memo titled the link, "US to be place on 'heightened terror alert' in response to Republican efforts to maintain hold on presidency."

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