Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday morning

This morning, when I remembered Obama was going to be on Meet the Press, I flipped on the TV and found myself watching c-span, the channel I was watching last night before going to bed. The congressional hearing exploring the horrible policy of Don't Ask, Don't Tell was being aired, and I ended up watching the entire thing. (You can find the link under the Congressional Hearings heading in the column on the right.)

When it was over, I watched Senator Obama here.

I spent most of the day learning bits of html and exploring the layout and posting options of this blog. It's a little overwhelming, but lots of fun. (It would be lots more fun if someone would pay me to do it!)

Now, I'm going to stop this. I've been waiting all day for a few moments to read the latest post on Dick Cavett's blog, What's So Funny About Nebraska If you didn't know about Cavett's blog, but remember his TV show, you'll be pleased to discover his writing entertains with the same unique and refreshing
style. I envy those of you who have yet to discover the posts in the archives of his blog!

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