Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Paris (not France) and the (not Hanoi) Hilton

h/t to Conrad...
OK. I got sucked in. These are links to the videos you've likely already seen.
First, the ad about Paris Hilton:
here's the ad the created the uproar (posted on the McCain campaign site);
here's Paris Hilton's response;
and this fantastic commentary from Seth Grahame-Smith of Huffington Post.

Now, the video around the Sturgis "beauty contest" speech. In case you're not aware, Sturgis is the town in South Dakota that once a year is overtaken by bikers from all over the US. My guess is McCain is trying to claim the title of candidate-you'd-most-like-to-have-a -beer-with from GW by speaking there. Unfortunately, it comes off (no pun intended) more as, "Let's have a beer and humiliate my wife."
Here's the video of the speech;
And here's a link to the video of the beauty contest, known as Buffalo Chip, via the TPM website, which will allow you to read a bit more before deciding whether or not to venture on.

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