Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yankee Homecoming Parade with Congressman JohnTierney

The 2008 Yankee Homecoming Parade will be remembered as "wet!" It started to sprinkle about half way through, followed a few minutes later by vivid lightning and booming thunder, accompanied by rain that can only be called a deluge.
You can find pictures taken along the route here. (Try watching it as a slideshow.)

These pictures demonstrate the progression.





Jeff said...

Great photos Nancy. I hope your camera did not get ruined in the rain!

Jeff K.

Nancy said...

Thanks Jeff! Good one of you, huh?

When I got back to the car, I went straight to Ritz Camera, where my camera was given a clean and dry bill of health!

Seeing a note from you promoted me to go back to some pictures and realize I never posted the pix from the Tierney brunch to Flickr! I'll do that this afternoon. Come back and take a look later! (There's a good one of you in that batch, too!)

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